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Faith Tait


What a world! Scary, thrilling, risky, beautiful, full of potential, uncertain, always something new…

Making choices for our best health, wellbeing and authentic life is no straight-forward task. And sometimes we get stuck. We know that what we are doing, and maybe have done for some time, isn’t working any more. It needs transformation.

Here’s the thing…

Overwhelm, anxiety and other major discomforts, and maybe illnesses, are often signs that we have left ourselves out of things. Transformation feels excitingly and sometimes challengingly new but in fact, it’s recognising yourself – and from there creating your authentic future. 

There are four steps to making any lasting and heartfelt changes:

  • Step back and notice what’s happening
  • Find that matters to you and from there, visualise and check what would work you
  • Respect and delete what might be stopping you
  • Master the tranformation naturally and gracefully.

In all, find deep fulfillment in this fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime life, with deep smiles along the way.

All deep change starts with a pause

Awareness of what is happening, and how and what you are thinking feeling and doing about it, is essential. During this pausing, you will feel yourself smile. Your smile is far more than a pleasant flutter: it marks a switch from  stress or unhappiness, into one of freedom. Yes, freedom. How so?

From this space, you can answer that question ‘What’s happening?’ And from there, you can make make empowering choices.

It’s included in everything we do together: 

  • Get clear on what’s authentically important to you and create your vision. Take action to make it real – achieve this through Coaching 
  • Get rid of your tenacious limiting beliefs and habits and move into what you want to be, do and have – Hypnotherapy can help with this very powerfully (face to face only)
  • Explore, learn and develop your strengths and vision with others with a variety of workshops: contact me to be kept informed. You can take any group programme individually if you prefer individual practice.
  • Access that stillness and awareness not only for that creative space, but to use for your self-care even while making changes and surfing the waves of life. Mindful coaching is included in all my work, but you can take its gentle peace even further here: Learn to Pause with Mindfulness

There’s a lot of information on this website, and more will come. However, please get in touch and let me know which interests you or whether I can help. I will gladly send you any further information you may need.

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