Coaching – hell yeah!

For anyone with a proactive spirit

Transform to who you really are

With the best will in the world and after working and thinking very hard, we can still find ourselves living with shall we say, unintended consequences. Even with many successes we can experience stuckness, feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed.

We know we want to move on, that this won’t do. Yet, ironically, we’re wired to stay with the familiar, even when it’s painful. That’s what we’re wired to do.

Here’s the crunch: a definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and while expecting different results. In other words, trying harder without change will not bring change – apart from greater fatigue.

Who are you? You are what matters most to you.

But that can get lost. Restore the authentic you. Although it can feel like radical change, in fact it’s mostly fundamental recognition of who you truly are.

  • Get to know yourself: you are SO interesting! And SO powerful. You truly are. Strength,  recognition and creativity happen in this space.
  • Create your authentic future from that space. It’s called coherence. If you authentically chime with the vision of your future, energy arises.

And the beauty is that it all belongs to you: the joy of the breakthroughs, creating lasting change, mastering transitions and being taking a spirited lead in your life story as well as playing loving supporting roles in others.

How many sessions?

  • When you contact me in the first instance, I will happily talk with you for about an hour so that we can  establish how I can help you want to make those changes. This is a free consultation and you will feel as if you have started.
  • I do not prescribe a six week batch, but rather ask that clients commit to three sessions and then we take a view. (The initial consultation isn’t included in the three sessions.)
  • The sessions are once a week. They usually last an hour (never less), but please leave one and a half hours free for the first one as it tends to be necessarily and deliciously exploratory.

The liberating conversation and a lady-like push

My approach as your coach is not to instruct – although I might give you what a client once called a ‘lady-like push’ every now and again. Through good questions for discovery and my NLP techniques for change, you become energetically clear. You access the resources you need – and that you undoubtedly have. Therein lies your transformation.

It’s also to make sure you acquire the ‘how’ of this process (see next section What Happens?), so that you can do this for yourself in the future.

So what happens?

The enlightenment is secured by the wonders of NLP – neuro-linguistic programming. Despite it’s title, NLP concerns itself with the somatic, bodily and behavioural just as much as our cognition and awareness.

It  provides ways to make discoveries about your unique self, and profound changes.

About me

I am a qualified NLP Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Hypnotherapist, not only trained and experienced in these skills, but also qualified to train others to do so.

Since NLP is about loving your brain and also the health and wellbeing of body and mind, it is absolutely right for anyone with a proactive spirit.

“Faith has an ability to stand back and be totally objective.  She has an extensive range of very practical and incredibly useful coaching tools that once shown can be applied over and over again.

“I have a very strong sense that I achieved what I did myself and this is a very important aspect of the way she works with you.  You are left totally empowered by the experience.”

“Result…… a tremendous inner security and peace.  I can achieve anything now.”  

D.F, Senior Marketing Consultant

Since 1995 I’ve been putting the transformative power of NLP to work with people from all walks of life. They range from people seeking personal growth for personal reasons, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs in business, and politicians and corporate executives from all over the world.

What all have in common, is a will to proactively live an authentic life.

Fees and appointments

  • Self-funded and micro/ business/entrepreneur:  £75 per session
  • Executive and corporate: £175 per session

Payable prior to the session by BACS. Paypal also accepted.

Take advantage of a free initial phone consultation: simply make arrangements by emailing me direct and I will call you back.

Or phone me: 01225 707042 or 07478 448730. If I can’t answer the phone, please leave a message and I will call you back.


  • Melksham, Wiltshire
  • By phone or Skype

Please come back and phone me for appointments, or with any queries at all.

Good wishes and happy days!


If old habits of thinking and doing (self-doubt, eating for comfort etc.) insist on getting in your way, talk to me about hypnotherapy.

Did you know that I’m also a colour, style and confidence coach? Essential and fun in showing up as you would wish to! Colour, Style and Confidence.