Listen to the calling of your heart

This page of notes and resources supports a seminar on how to listen to the calling of your Heart. However, if you have found it through other ways, please feel free to access the recording and the pdf.

Remember the wonderful lessons from the story of the African Violet lady.

  • Notice what lights you up and captivates you – and give your attention to it. It will express some aspect of your values and your potential. And it’s often indicated by involuntary behaviour – a smile, a loss of the sense of time for example. What captivates you is what matters and is a whisper from the future.
  • It’s not just one item: for example I love cooking lunch, going to farm shops, learning about how the wonderful human mind works for us, and offering my learnings by doing my work.
  • Inevitably or two will engage you more than others. (Work and cooking!)
  • The three key words: notice, utilize and activate.

Visualising and anchoring what you find is the beginning and the way of noticing, utilizing and activating.

  • There’s a download option when you find this on your phone and maybe your tablet, and it’s recorded to be enjoyed through earpieces.
  • Don’t listen to it when you should be concentrating on something else.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Give yourself comfort, peace and time to play the recording: it’s about seven minutes long. It ends with ‘open your eyes’.
  • Before you begin bring to mind something that matters to you – it can be something you are doing in your life, of something you want to do – to bring into your life. It can be something you’ve attending to in a previous experience of this visualisation, or it can be something new.

Ripple out to the world

Creating well-formed outcomes for what you wish for is a good next step. And the way to create those outcomes can be found in many sources. Often they stop at what you are doing when you are with your immediate circle – contacts, family and family or in a special place, for example. But to feel the true and exciting fullness of your creative power, do the following.

Ask yourself What do I want? That gives you the start to your outcome. Then, ask yourself this:

What do I want it for?

The pdf download below is the map for contributing your calling in the fullest and most powerful way. Realising and extending the reach of your very self.

We are all agents of history. We make a difference, each and every one of us. Strangely, this is the true meaning of connection.

So it’s internal and about as external as it can be. When you send up your star, it not only lights your life but the world can see it too. To truly activate what you are bringing to your life, integrate your captivated and captivating presence with the whole world.

Happy days!