Introducing Mindfulness 2021 – learn to meditate and fall in love with life

With just ten minutes a day, mindful awareness can bring a life of better happiness and health, better choices and decisions, as well as knowing the uplift, which some call spiritual, of being – even while we are carrying out our busy lives. After learning these introductory ways you will be able to:

  • catch yourself before your thoughts go down that sorry road of worry
  • bring all those scattered parts of you together, unify, breathe out and create some truly peaceful space
  • make better choices – choices that are considered, that sit much more authentically with who you are and you won’t wonder somewhere down the road what on earth made you decide that way
  • PLUS positively affect your glorious body-mind, gut-brain system for greater all round health and wellbeing

“Have patience – let your muddy waters settle and become clear. Remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself…” A healthier attitude, greater care for your body, your personal space and authenticity. That’s mindful meditation. Ten minutes a day. And even in a few minutes when you are elsewhere, once you are familiar with its restful techniques.

It’s accessible to everyone.

Your skillful mind

In this one day, you will acquire the skills for mindful awareness and also how to use them in your everyday life. Specifically:

  • learn how to allow your mind and body to acquire a state in which health and healing can take place
  • notice and enjoy the deep, true meaning of being present
  • use guided meditations for attention, intention and your specific personal development.

And it all begins simply, with your breath.


As you would expect, this course includes a manual with notes and some scripts for your meditations. And there are some bonuses:

1. Two recordings of guided meditations to enjoy yourself, or to play aloud if you are thinking of creating an lovely space for a group meditation…

Extra bonus: one of these will be sent to you before the course begins.

2. A full manual of notes and techniques

There will also be references for further reading for you to follow on this amazing journey.

  • Dates: TBA
  • Venue: Melksham
  • Time: 10.30 am to 3.45 pm

Fee £75 per person for this one-day uplifting course. Includes a manual. To book a place, use this link: you don’t need a PayPal account. Just type in 75. (please make sure the currency is set to £s. Sometimes the silly so and so slips into dollars!)

Faith Tait

If you need any other details for now, please get in touch: I’d love to hear from you.

Happy days!