Hypnotherapy – release your life and and transform it

We can get really stuck by old habits that we can’t conquer and old beliefs that hold us back.  They were formed in the past when they served some purpose that we can’t even remember. We become stuck by being pulled forward in wanting a different, better future and at the same time held back by anxiety and doubt.

It can get very muddy and we can become very anxious. We can become anxious about being anxious, and then we get tired.

Here’s the thing

All this can be sorted out, including any frustrating habits that you want to overcome. However, they run automatically and it takes more than reason to bring about the changes.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state that bypasses our interfering mental chatter. The powerful imagination of your pleasantly drifting mind can take in, play with and register your new ways of being. This is essential for changing those deep-seated patterns.

And it’s safe. You are always ‘on guard’, even when you’re asleep. If anyone tried to suggest something to you that jarred, you would very quickly snap out of hypnosis and reject it.  This does mean that the change we are working to bring about must really be your wishes, truly. So we clarify this in the first session.

“I was miserable and frustrated at not being able to lose weight after a significant gain. With sensitive and thoughtful questioning, Faith enabled me to identify the triggers to my overeating. Using hypnotherapy, which I found incredibly positive and very enjoyable, she inspired me to get started and also helped me explore strategies to maintain a diet which resulted in a loss of 36 lbs in just over 7 months.

“It has made a huge difference to my levels of confidence in all areas of my life.”   S.T-P., Sherborne.

Smiley Mind Hypnotherapy

It is run entirely from what you want to have happen. However, there are things we need to ensure:

  • Establishing what matters most to you about the change you want to make. From there –
  • Freeing yourself from old obstructive habits: anxiety, negative beliefs, giving way to others all the time, comfort eating,  weight gain, smoking, fears and phobias.
  • Making sure that this is what you really want and take that forward into an inspiring and energising future.
  • Make it real. All this lightens your heart – not by going over old ground, but living from now on.

If you relate to any of this, this is when to choose the liberating experience of Transformational Hypnotherapy. If you would like to talk,  please don’t hesitate to call. 01225 707042 or 07478 448730.


Hypnosis is much the same as being in between waking and sleeping. When you wake up at a weekend, with no alarm clock (and no young children?), and can ‘come to’ in your own time, you probably drowse and your mind just rolls around. You move up towards waking, then you may go back down to deep rest. That’s the hypnotic state – riding the waves of relaxation. It’s pleasant, familiar, natural and it’s safe.

 Hypnotherapy is one of the most researched therapies, referenced in over 11,000 studies to date. The approach that I use is NLP: neuro-linguistic programming.

I have been helping people with transformation techniques for more than twenty years. For more about me, see this page.

Although it’s not available by NHS referral, hypnotherapy was recognised by the British Medical Association in 1955 (BMA Council Proceedings, BMJ, April 23rd, 1955)  and the American Medical Association recognised it three years later.

Setting it up

 Step 1Please give me a call. I will answer all your questions, ask you some, and explain the whole experience. If you go through to voicemail, please leave your name and number and I will call you back.

 Step 2. The first session, where we clarify what is happening that you no longer want, get precise on what you want instead, and begin significant changes using the state of hypnosis and in a way that motivates you and starts the momentum to succeed.

 Step 3.Through the remaining treatments, we continuosly check and develop.  Throughout, and  probably thereafter, you go ‘live the changes’ and notice the difference. Just noticing them – looking for them – keeps your intention gently alive.

How many sessions?

This depends on your individual requirements and many life changes can be made in three. However, I have a duty of care not to recommend treatment beyond what is necessary. I will give you an idea of what might be required when we talk on the phone, and I will tell you my professional recommendations at the conclusion of each of session.

But you are in the driving seat. You are the expert on you.

 Phone: 01225 864890 or 07478 448730. If I can’t answer the phone, please leave a message and I will call you back. Or email me here if you wish, and I’ll call you back. 

Fees and details

 Single sessions: 1 hr – 1 hr 15 mins: £60

Quitting Smoking: One session only 1.5 – 2 hours: £75 

Where and when: (Please phone me at the above numbers for appointments)

  • Melksham, Wiltshire

Happy days! Get in touch