Funny thing about being shameless

Now, about the word shameless. Isn’t it strange that ‘shame’ and ‘shameful’ – to feel shame or feel worthy of shame – are negative but, oddly, so is their opposite: shameless – without shame?

Isn’t that odd?

In the UK when the subject is a woman, it’s often followed by the word ‘hussy’. I know it’s been equated with ‘immodest’ and ‘brazen’, but what does that mean, and who says?

Here’s the thing. When it comes to showing up, taking part and being true, we need to be there as our authentic, honest selves. Each and every one of us has a unique personal style. This is an outward but full representation of that lovely, lively special human being that is you and that is me.

Does that sound too ‘in your face’? Immodest? At what point did it become uncomfortable?

The golden upside of being shameless

In her wonderful talk (see link below), Brene Brown talks about shame and how it is the singular disconnecting factor for human beings. And what makes this important is that we – humans – are hardwired to connect. For her, shame is when we deem ourselves of lower worth or not worthy to belong and it comes from a fear of rejection or abandonment. (Read more below video screen)

However, we need to step into our authentic selves, we really do. Which means we will feel and be vulnerable, but making ourselves vulnerable is the key turnaround, says Brene. It’s the way into connection and out of low self-esteem, into confidence while being at risk, and into being authentic while risking not being liked. That’s what it takes; that’s what it costs.

Let’s be Shameless

Brene Brown book amazon
One of Brene Brown’s marvellous books: click image to look inside this one and her other works on Amazon

So I am going to claim Shameless as a positive thing to be. Are you with me? It doesn’t mean being immodest (necessarily and in any case, who says what is immodest?). It does mean being without shame and being upfront, taking risks in the interest of being fully understood, and being very personal about who we are and what we do.

It means feeling and sharing the excitement of the value of what we do, and wanting connection with others who are in accord.  From this moment on, shall we be shameless about the excellent, proven effects our skills and talents have on people lives, as we stand on the shoulders of wonderful, shameless giants?

Happy shameless days!


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