Energy, health and wellbeing

We all need to be leaders of our own lives in these challenging, exciting times.

As time passes, here you will find an increasing collection of articles to help with this, centred on your health and wellbeing – and wealth and happiness.

Some you will like, some you will not relate to at all, and some you will love. All that’s fine, because it’s part of the process of keeping your life compass tweaked up and working for you.

Good wishes and ecstatically happy days!


Not too tight, not too loose

We generate life with how we are in any moment, you and me. Some call it your energy, some your vibration, some call it your state – the totality of mind, body and your spiritedness.

Mindfulness is recognising that our minds run the game and that we can interrupt cycles of unhelpful thinking – called negative thinking – to access more open, pleasant states which are far more healthy and lovely to live within. Also they far more resourceful for making the thousands of decisions of some size or other that we make every single day.

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Gently does it

Imagine you are standing in a garden that is somewhat overgrown with prickles and brambles, and you have the intention to grow, say, vegetables. (Self-centred of me; I love vegetables.)

You clear the garden of what is not relevant including – with care – the prickles. Then you prepare the soil, then you sow the seeds or plants, then over time you nurture the early growth at the vulnerable period… you know the rest.

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