About Faith Tait

Why do we do what we do?

Ask any practitioner engaged in helping people change their lives for the better why they do what they do. Nearly one hundred percent of the time it began because, at some point of their lives, they needed to make deep changes too – and found it difficult to do it alone.

I’m no exception. 

Almost overnight, I went from at last having the wonderful me-time to study as a (very) mature social philosophy student to having to pull an income out of thin air. I know many do this but although I had worked all my life, I had been in the role of supportive partner (not to mention wife and mother) until then. It was a jolt to say the least.

Extreme self-doubt, feeling helpless and unworthy,  isolation and a crisis mindset arrived: they froze me to a standstill.

However, in the way that things sometimes happen, I happened on the work being done in NLP, Coaching, Mindfulness and other areas; work that irrefutably shows that we can change our thinking, which will change our feelings, which will change our actions, which will change our results.

Of course, it wasn’t that straightforward.

I took courses in being a practitioner, master practitioner and then a trainer in NLP. I learned to meditate, and then learned how to train people in meditation. It was a bumpy, scary and exhilerating road. But as anyone who has begun it knows, once you start it, you can’t ever go back. You can slip-slide, have down days, but you know because you’ve seen it and felt it, that there are better ways to live your precious, once in a lifetime life.

What is NLP?

being, Thinking, feeling, doing

Briefly, NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming – which refers to the way we represent our experiences and encounters to ourselves. This results in how we feel about it, and that leads on to what we do about it as well as our notion of who we are. Being and doing.

It’s the study of these representation patterns that we have, and that are behind what we do and how we feel – and therefore how we are in the world and in our lives, in our relationships and in our hearts and minds. And it also offers methods to change them to ones that serve us better.

It sounds simple, but we are complex, and complexity stifles us – overwhelms us. The precision of NLP can handle the complexity and clarity, focus, motivation and momentum are regained. And a new gain for many is independence of thought (essential for these entrepreneurial times), respect for our experience, individuality and ideals.

Not only that: NLP is also about how we are communicating with others. How do we get the results that we get, and why don’t we get the results we want? NLP can identify what is happening here, and how things could be different – and better.

I was hooked.

It worked marvels for me then, and in handling the inevitable ups and downs that any life continues to have. And I remember thinking early on: ‘I’ve got to get this out there!’ To share it; to help others to make deep changes that move things in the right direction. I use it in the form of Coaching for moving forward with good changes, and for Hypnotherapy in becoming unstuck, then moving forward – with good changes.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

mindfulness meditationIt shares much with other approaches. All meditation, no matter which tradition or patterns you practise, has at its core a quiet time of emotional stillness (not emptiness), mental awareness (not emptiness), mental alertness yet physical calm.

It’s different from traditions in that, whereas many traditions emphasise a repeated mantra for example, in mindfulness there are a lot of different meditations for different human purposes. It can handle complexity, yet starts with a simple breath.

Mindfulness is person-centred – you-centred in other words. And you are as you are, different every day.

It’s not about a guru, or an elusive blissful state that keeps us straining and pushing – and feeling that we are getting it wrong.

Far from it: meditation and mindful awareness are natural, and as long as anyone has the attitude of loving the idea of some calm stillness, and the belief in the benefits that now have been proven over and over again, then it’s theirs.

So – in short

Mindfulness is pausing and deliberately becoming aware of how you are running your mind and emotions, and redirecting their tendencies where necessary for health and wellbeing.  My work is to meet your attitudes and beliefs in something better with my own, my learning and my experience, and provide conditions of the highest standard for you to make the changes you want to make.

Our first task is awareness and it’s gloriously liberating. And I hope you can see how NLP and Mindfulness Meditation love each other and give marvellous forms of Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

A career of more than twenty five years

 In 1987 I gained a first class BA Hons degree in Social Philosophy and Communication at the University of the West of England, and spent a few years as a lecturer there. 

Then I started my own company in communication skills – presentations, negotiations, networking… Along the way I had discovered NLP and put its power to work for people in the corporate and business worlds as well as for my personal growth.

At the same time I began my private practice of hypnotherapy and life development coaching.

I have been in practice for more than twenty five years now and have worked with many hundreds of clients. I not only practise hypnotherapy and coaching and other complementary approaches, but I’m also qualified to train others to do so. 

Currently, as well as my work in Lacock and Corsham, I work with overseas business people in their professional development, drawing from this incredibly coherent toolkit.

I also give talks at international conferences on the topics of self empowerment and being an excellent entrepreneur.

Does it look diverse? There’s more….

In all, I hold qualifications in, and have extensively practised, Coaching in the areas of Mindfulness, Happiness, Life Purpose and Business Development. I am a qualified trainer and have trained many other trainers in a multitude of wellness and performance developments over the years, including NLP and Mindfulness Meditation.

In fact, it’s all NLP, it’s all about how we are believing, thinking, being and therefore doing. Kindly monitoring with precision and directing the best way for us to go about things, and noticing when there are better ways.

Why is this important?

Health, wellbeing, happiness

It’s my core belief that we each need to be leaders of our own lives, health and wellbeing in order to thrive and help others to do so too, in these thrilling, challenging times.

To repeat if I may, my work is to meet your attitudes and beliefs for a thriving life, and for me to provide conditions of the highest standard for you to make the changes you want to make.

Good wishes, happy days and get in touch


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